The Bathroom Studio in Hopetoun Street is a modern bathroom showroom full of contemporary and practical ideas to meet the needs of customers today. However the family rooots of the business can be traced back to the 1800s, when the original firm of J.B. Marr  & Sons, Plumbers, was established in Bathgate town centre.

The Marr plumbing business in Bathgate can be tracked back to the 1840s. Below is some of the history


Shown below photo of Main Street, Bathgate where J.B Marr plumbers where based as per Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Scotland from 1903 showing J.B Marr Plumbers

1914 - 1915

Memorial plank at high church in Bathgae to those fallen during the great war showing the Marr sons Tom and George

Courier article from 1914 reporting of John Marr's Son Tom Marr's death in world war 1

Only a year later from Tom's death, tragedy hit again. George Marr died in May 1915 in the Gretna Green train Disaster the biggest train disater in British history

Shop front decorated for the local Galaday in Bathgate 



Today we are located at 10 Hopetoun Street in Bathgate where we have been for the past 20 years were the business is now in the 6th generation of the family. We have history but today the showroom shows modern products at an affordable price